Mastering Communication Skills

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Course Overview

Course ID: CC-SS-MCS-0118

Effective Communication is considered as an integral element for a business to succeed. Effective communication is important for client negotiation, conflict management, team effectiveness, employee motivation and other interfaces. In personal life it helps to build up affable relationships.

The course curriculum comprehensively covers the fundamentals and techniques for mastering communication skills. Interactive virtual classrooms supported by elaborate study material shall help learners to sharpen their communication skills in a smarter way.


Salient Features

Interactive Virtual Classrooms

Convenient Class Timing

Elaborate Study Material

Key Words on each page

End Chapter Questions

Online Examination

Certificate on Successful completion

Career Assistance

Course Fees Rs. 1,150.00

Course Coverage

1.         Introduction

2.         Understanding Communication Basics

                     - Objectives of Communication

                     - Skill Roles

                     - Scope, Nature and Elements

                     - Functions of Communication

                     - Process of Communication

                     - Classification of Communication

                     - Evaluation of Communication

                     - Can We Remember

3.         Channel and Network of Communication

                     - Introduction

                     - Channel of Communication

                     - Communication network

                     - Communication on Direction

                     - Forms of Communication

                     - Factors influencing Communication

                     - Can We Remember

4.         Verbal Communication - Oral

                     - Need for Learning

                     - Characteristics of Oral Communication

                     - Methods of Oral Communication

                     - Advantages and Disadvantages

                     - Can We Remember                       

5.         Verbal Communication - Written

                     - Characteristics

                     - Methods of Written Communication

                     - Advantages and Disadvantages

                     - Can We Remember

6.         Nonverbal Communication

                     - Characteristics/Features

                     - Classification

                     - Relationship – Nonverbal and verbal

                     - Can We Remember           

7.         Barriers in Communication

                     - Barriers

                     - Categorisation of Barriers

                     - Overcoming Barriers

                  - Can We Remember

8.         Principles of Effective Communication

                     - Principles

                     - 7C’s of effective Communication

                     - 4S’s of effective Communication

                     - Gateway of Communication

                     - Mastering Communication

                     - Essential Attributes of Communication

                     - Can We Remember           

9.         Media and Modes of Communication

                     - Media and Modes

                     - Choice of Medium

                     - Mode of Communication

                     - Can We Remember



  • 9 Chapters
  • End Chapter Questions
  • 84 Pages
  • 1.34 Mb
  • ​MS Word
  • PDF


  • More than 360 Minutes of interactive classroom
  • Group tasks
  • Doubt Clearing session


  • MCQ type Online Examination
  • Medium – English


  • Career Assistance
  • Article and Library 
  • Blog


No Preferred Pre-Qualification

Who Should Study


People Managing Procurement


Students of Commerce/Science/Engineering

Any person interested to improve communication skills

Your Certificate

Learners will receive certificate after passing the online examination