Warehousing and Inventory Management

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Course Overview

Course ID: CC-SCM-WIM-0118

Warehousing and inventory management processes play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency of supply chain management. Even with the use of software based warehousing and inventory management systems, it is still a puzzle for most of the organisations. It is therefore considered one of the most challenging tasks for managers.

The certificate course supported by elaborate study material and virtual classrooms shall impart learners a comprehensive knowledge on warehousing and inventory management to get an edge in their career.

Salient Features

Interactive Virtual Classrooms

Convenient Class Timing

Elaborate Study Material

Key Words on each page

End Chapter Questions

Online Examination

Certificate on Successful completion

Career Assistance

Course Fees Rs. 2,200.00

Course Coverage

Int              CHAPTER – 1

                          Essentials of Warehousing

                                   What is a warehouse

                                        Role of warehousing in supply chain

                                        Difference between warehouse and stores

                                        Functions of warehouse

                                        Types of Warehouse      


                 CHAPTER – 2

                          Warehouse Management


                 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT (Chapter -3 to Chapter -9)        

                 CHAPTER – 3

                          Inventory Management objectives

                 CHAPTER – 4

                          Types of Inventories

                 CHAPTER – 5

                          Inventory Control

                 CHAPTER – 6

                          Inventory Analysis Methods

                 CHAPTER – 7

                          Inventory Replenishment

                 CHAPTER – 8

                          Material Requirement Planning

                          Total Cost of Product                   

                          Economic Order Quantity

                                  Ordering Cost

                                        Inventory Carrying Cost

                                        Reorder Point

                 CHAPTER – 9

                          Inventory Position

                                       Safety Stock

                                        Service Factor

                                        Inventory Turnover

                                        Stock Cover

                 CHAPTER – 10

                          Attributes of Warehouse Designing

                 CHAPTER – 11

                          Safety and Security

                 CHAPTER – 12

                          Warehouse Management System Software



  • 12 Chapters
  • End Chapter Questions
  •  82 Pages
  • 2.7 Mb
  • ​MS Word
  • PDF


  • More than 480 Minutes of classroom hour
  • Group tasks
  • Doubt Clearing session


  • MCQ type Online Examination
  • Medium – English


  • Career Assistance
  • Article and Library 


Preferred Pre-Qualification

Graduate in Science/Arts/Commerce/Engineering


With Other Qualification + five years of experience in working in warehouse/Stores

Who Should Study

People working in Stores/Warehouse/Supply Chain Management

People Managing Procurement


Students of Commerce/Science

Your Certificate

Learners will receive certificate after passing the online examination