Supplier Selection Control and Development

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Course Overview

Course ID: MC-SCM-SSCD-0117

The business environment in which organisations strive is increasingly becoming supplier dependent. Every organization is struggling to develop a responsive supply chain to cater wide-ranging needs of customers. Supplier selection control and development is the cornerstone for developing an effective Supply Chain Management System.

This course literature and online classes have been developed to provide a comprehensive knowledge to learners on fundamentals of selection control and development of supplier. Virtual classes tutored by experienced faculties will support learners to acquire proficiency on the best practices followed in world class organisations. Group activities, interactions with other learners in the classroom shall further reinforce the knowledge and awareness of participants.

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Course Coverage

  • Introduction
  • Selection of Supplier
    • Selection Steps
    • Process Flow Diagram for Supplier selection
    • Description of Selection steps
    • Potentiality Assessment
    • Detailed Product and Process Assessment Guideline
    • Preliminary Approval and Trial Run
    • Selection of Supplier from existing supplier base
  • Supplier Control
    • Steps for development of supplier monitoring system
    • Description of Steps
    • Performance Indicators
    • Determination of Key Performance Indicators
    • Performance Weightage
    • Importance of Performance Weightage in monitoring
    • Supplier Re-evaluation system
    • Case Study
    • Example of Performance Dashboard
    • Other Performance Indicators
    •          Business process performance
    •          Health, safety, social and environmental performance       
    •          Behavioral and Cultural Performance                               
    •          Financial Performance

         4.Supplier Information System

    •         Automated Information flow system 

    ​      5.Identifying strategically important Supplier

    •          Discussion on Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model
    •          Product Categorisation
    •          Action Plan


           6.Supplier Development

    •       What is Supplier Development
    •       Best Practices in Supplier Development
    •       Phases of Supplier Development
    •       Supplier Development Project Design
    •       Pitfalls to Supplier Development






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    • Four hours Virtual Classroom
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    Who Should Study


     If you are working in Purchase, Stores, Quality Assurance, Vendor  Development

     Higher & Middle Management level of the organisation.

     If you are a student studying Commerce, Economics, Science or Engineering

     Consultants and Trainers