Single Minute Exchange of Dies

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Course Overview

Course ID: MC-SFM-SMED-0117

This course aims at introducing the methodology of Single Minute Exchange of Dies from its background to benefits.

We will discuss about different stages used for the SMED with Examples and diagram.

After going through the study material and attending online classrooms, the participants will be able to conceptualise SMED in totality that SMED helps in increasing productivity and reducing cost. It is an effective solution to response to the varied demand of customers by reducing lead time.

Salient Features


         Virtual Classes

·       Extensive Course Coverage

·       Key Words on each page

·       End Chapter Questions

·       Supporting Articles

·       Online Examination

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Course Fees Rs. 700.00

Who Should Study

Preferred educational requirements for the participants of this course will be:


1.  Graduate Engineer or a Diploma holder with at knowledge in manufacturing or service organization.

2.  An ITI Certificate holder or an Industrial Worker with experience at the shop of a manufacturing organization.


3. Higher & Middle Management of companies.


4. Consultants and Trainers

Course Coverage


1.       Introduction      

                 2.       Concept of SMED

                             History – The Toyota Story

             3.       Exchange of Dies – The hard fact

Set Up Time

            4.       SMED Elements

            5.       Steps to implement SMED

            6.       SMED Programme Management

            7.       Benefits of implementing SMED

            8.       Reflection


  • Three hours Virtual Classroom
  • 7 Chapters
  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • 0.635 Mb
  • Supporting Articles
  • MCQ type Online Examination
  • Career Assistance