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    Jun / 2018

    Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive maintenance refers to the activity of prediction of equipment condition from process data in order to avoid future failure.

    Data is generated by inspecting the equipment condition or from the process and product characteristics.

    Predictive maintenance is based on the fact that equipment parts send some signals of abnormality before they fail. Predictive maintenance process records certain equipment characteristics at regular intervals and compares it with past statistics to determine the generation of any abnormal signal. Predictive Maintenance is generally carried out under normal operating condition. The process allows management to effectively plan maintenance programme to avoid larger down time due to equipment problem.


    Several nondestructive methods are applied to sense the signal of abnormality. Some of the popular methods used by industries are

    Vibration analysis, Infrared Thermography, Eddy Current Analysis, Tribology and Oil Analysis, Ultrasound Analysis
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